Are you having troubles in your intimate life?
Are you looking for efficient, but also natural way of healing without pills and medicaments?

Sexological bodywork effectively helps with:

  • Acceptance of your own body
  • Insensitivity or low sensitivity of vagina
  • Pains during the intercourse
  • Inability to reach the orgasm
  • Sexual rape or assault
  • Traumas
  • Wounds or disabilities caused by surgery
  • Scar tissues after giving the birth or surgeries
  • Feelings of shame, shyness, guilt
  • Problems with sexuality in the intimate relationship
  • Erection problems
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Designation of the sexual orientation, BDSM
  • Feelings of guilt, shame, fear, aggression etc.
  • And many others…

How does the healing work?

There is our memory stored in our body, this reaches back to our past. There are different things stored in it, these are more or less traumatic- stress, unpleasant giving the birth experience, surgery, abuse, rapes, but also even less traumatic events that we have already forgotten- on the conscious level. Often, however, these experiences are reflected in contemporary life and affect how we feel in different situations. Sometimes we are at our wits´ end and we do not know their origin. By conscious work with the body, we can release and dissolve these blocks and enter a new free sensation of our body filled with joy. Healing goes deeply and takes place on our subconscious level.


What methods are used in the sexological bodywork?

Sexological bodywork uses mainly work with the body, breath, touch, erotic or in other words holistic sensual Taoist massage, pelvic floor release, scar tissue healing and orgasmic joga.

Who is a sexological bodyworker and how does he work?

The English term “sexological bodyworker”  denotes an erotic world guide, who helps single people, couples or groups to deepen their body sensation. He works in the area of intimacy, intimate relationships, personal transformation, healing, deepening and exploring of the spiritual dimension of sexuality. Bodyworker uses the form of session, conversation, counseling whilst the client is practicing, direct touch or massage etc. In the cases of direct touch and massage the bodyworkers are dressed and their touches remain one-direction touches.  Informed consent of the client prior to any therapy and professional secrecy is guaranteed. Sexological bodyworker is trying to widen and complete the services that are offered by sexologists, psychologists and doctors.

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