References from Sexological Bodywork training in Czech Republic 2013

Svetlana Textoris

Lives in Prague, sessions with Svetlana can be booked in (Prague)

Rosanne Kloeg

Netherland, (Netherland)

Amrita Joy, Japan

Lives in Vienna,

Katarzyna Mołas a Jacek Lejman, Polland (Gdynia)

Catarina Brazão, Portugal

Lives in Berlin, (Berlin)

“I was running 3 years massage bussiness with discount coupons, because it was hard to get customers. I sold maybe 12 000 of discount coupons and it was so hard to get out of it with employees specially… and now I realised I am free from it… no more coupons and no more need for it… now many people are comming for tantra and sexological bodywork, and amazing projects are unfolding, opening a school of Conscious sexuality where we will teach people directly throught the body… I got tears in eyes when I realised I am free from this coupon stage of my life and huge energy drainer. Big thanx to great teachers and inspirators Denisa Paleckova and Richard Vojik and Joseph Kramer!” Vojta Chladek

“Study of Sexological Bodywork was one of the best choices of my life, as a body therapist. Classes responded to all my questions about sexuality of men and women. It enriched my knowledge of the techniques of working with the body, behavior of people in sexuality, breathwork and it expanded my touch skills. I also improved my knowledge of how to work with intimate parts of the body. The training in Sexological Bodywork helped me to understand how to help people to develop their sexuality or open body after trauma or other problems as freezing. 
All this really changed my work with clients. This is an amazing change – clients who were passive consumers of massage or have had sexual problems began to rejoice in theirs body and sexuality. I also started to have more female clients and couples :) The subject of healthy sexuality is not just a matter of men but there is possibility for positive change for everyone.
And above all, Sexological Bodywork helped me to change myself and open my potential in life – sex life, professional life and private life. I am working now for sexual awareness in Poland.” Katanna, Poland
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